Premium Landing Page Design Tips and Tricks

Never underestimate the power of a good landing page design, it can literally make or break your online advertising campaign. Potential customers get to your landing page from your online advertising, so these designs were good enough to make a click through possible. Now you need to carry through and seal the deal with your landing page. With a good landing page design you can make it easy and even desirable for viewers to become customers, while on the other hand, a poor design can drastically ruin your advertising efforts. The following are some tried and true tips and tricks to help you formulate a good landing page design.

Provide similar design elements. You landing page should be cohesive with the rest of your advertising campaign. One of the best ways to make this happen is by using the same colors, fonts and images that you use in your online advertising. This will help you develop some brand recognition while letting viewers know they did in fact land on the correct page.

Include a call to action. This is where you seal the deal and make that conversion. To do this you have to tell viewers what you want them to do. It should be clear, simple and an easy to follow action. You won’t experience success in your landing page if you don’t have an obvious and easy to follow call to action.

Lead the eye. As the designer you have the ability to direct your readers. With subtle graphics and strategic placements on the page, as well as colors and font, you can direct the way in which your potential customers read your content and get to your call to action. Think of it as weaving a captivating story.

Strategically place conversion opportunities. As you direct the readers’ eye, lead them to strategically placed conversion opportunities. It’s a good idea to have one above the fold (or the point in which readers must scroll down) and another below. That way users won’t need to do any scrolling to get to a conversion opportunity.

Use the inverted pyramid format. This old-school practice used in newspaper and magazine writing applies to landing pages too. Viewers are most likely to read above the fold, so your most important information and graphics must go first and your least important information last, near the end of the page. This will allow viewers to make a fast decision about your call to action without them having to read your entire page – of course they can read on and get more information, but they should have plenty to make an informed decision early on if your content is formatted in this inverted pyramid way.

Make good use of graphics. Images and animation are great things to have on your landing page as long as they support and add to your information. There is a fine line with graphics that once crossed leads them to distract from your information and point. As long as every graphic added to your page has a distinct purpose you should be fine, but don’t add graphics just to add them.

Don’t waste good advertising efforts by leading potential viewers to a poorly designed landing page. Utilize these proven tips and tricks, take your time, do your research and create a well-planned, functional landing page that will get you the results you need.

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