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Wynn Las Vegas Concours d'Elegance


When the award-winning independent hotel chain, Wynn Las Vegas, took over one of the most sought-after automobile events, Concord d’Elegance, it was essential that the online presence reflected the prestigious status of the unforgettable experience they were offering.

The existing website for the event required an extensive overhaul. It lacked content sophistication, user engagement, and a luster that paid homage to the remarkable cars and innovators of the pre- and post-war automotive industry.

Wynn Resorts recognized the expertise of a digital agency was necessary to build the best possible online experience so they enlisted Designpax, together with digital marketers New Epoch, to produce a visually compelling and functionally engaging website that truly reflected the luxury of the brand.

Events for the 2022 Wynn Concours

PHASE 1: Wireframes &Prototyping

Initial investigations revealed that, although the website was cosmetically serviceable, the best approach would be to start the website from scratch and completely rebuild the infrastructure to include additional functionality.

As well as providing an aesthetically pleasing visitor experience which gave a history of Concourse d’Elegance and details of upcoming events, the site needed to support Wynn Las Vegas in capturing data of those planning to participate or attend.

It was also important for the site to be easily updated and revised year over year to promote and service the annual cycle of the event. Designpax quickly identified that the existing site was built on a platform that was not sufficiently robust so a new Content Management System (CMS) would be necessary.

Figma file with designs

PHASE 4: Bringing it together

Designpax harnessed their experience of web design and expertise of Contentful to deliver a quality result using a vue.js front end framework and hosting the site on Netlify. Tight lead-times meant that the project was tackled in three phases:

firstly; updating the exiting design using Nuxt.js, TypeScript, and GraphQL to generate static pages,

secondly; developing the site with improved functionality by connecting the static pages to Contentful in time for the 2022 event, and

thirdly; enabling ongoing content changes post event and in preparation for the 2023 events and beyond.

PHASE 3: Bringing it together

Designpax and New Epoch Software provided a dedicated team to support Wynn throughout the development. After the launch was complete, the relationship continued on a retainer basis so that Designpax and New Epoch Software were available to provide maintenance and QA as necessary and to develop any new functionality with speed.

This approach was welcomed by the client who were keen work with an external resource as an extension of their own internal team and enjoyed the benefit of having a professional project management team at the end of the line when needed.

Wynn Concours Hypercar page

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