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SwingJuice needed a faster and more effective website. DesignPax redesigned their Shopify site, with custom features and a rewards program, for a more stable, high-converting platform.

Golf-inspired apparel brand, SwingJuice, has broken the mold for golf clothing by challenging the hyper-conservative and stuffy stereotypes of the sport.

Creating designs that allow golfers to display their passion for the sport in a fun and approachable way, SwingJuice’s popularity has morphed into a community that shares common passions.

Working with a previous development partner, SwingJuice’s consumer website was built in Shopify but it quickly encountered problems with the stability of the coding and had a number of issues. SwingJuice wanted to rapidly grow their business, so they were in search of another trusted partner who could improve the site quickly and effectively.

Having worked previously worked with SwingJuice’s parent company, Designpax was known to be a reliable design and development expert so was hired to resolve the website’s issues and develop it for the future.

PHASE 1: B2C Website

By working through the code and fixing the bugs, Designpax quickly stabilized the consumer site so that it was reliable and easy to manage. Swing Juice were then keen to increase the level of customization and asked Designpax to develop the site’s functionality and capabilities even further.

Over the course of a year, Designpax developed and managed the site and included specific features to support business growth. A fully customized and robust ecommerce function was added to enhance the customer journey and a rewards program to encourage customer engagement and loyalty. The site is now stable, converted well, and was easy to manage.

It was quickly apparent that migrating the consumer site to ShopifyPlus would enhance the online retail experience by allowing more control over the checkout experience. Once the B2C site was in good order, Designpax started on B2B.

Early Figma designs

PHASE 2: B2B Website

Swing Juice’s ambition was to launch a separate website for its wholesale clients and, having been happy with the work completed by Designpax, asked them to handle the whole process from design and development to 3rd party integrations, build and launch.

The new wholesale site was a little more complex. It needed to include automated workflows for the internal sales teams and operations functions, and also a separate level of sophistication to be considered as two different user experiences were also required:

·      one for guest visitors who were prompted to sign up to be a reseller and

·      a secure area for wholesale customers to log on to place and manage orders.

ShopifyPlus’s third-party integration capability was also perfect for the wholesale site so Designpax used their expertise in the platform to develop and build a fully functionalsite which seamlessly integrated with third party applications.

Workflows were automated through integration with Channel Advisor connecting the site to the channels where potential clients were purchasing products and, to support the sales, customer service, and marketing functions, integration with Salesforce allowed the development of a complex customer relationship management system.

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PHASE 3: Bringing it together

Designpax provided a dedicated team to support Swing juice throughout the development of both sites. After the launch was complete, the relationship continued on a retainer basis so that Designpax were consistently available to provide maintenance of site and ongoing UX, UI, and QA work as necessary and to develop any new features.

This approach was welcomed by the Swing Juice who were keen work with an external resource as an extension of their own internal team and enjoyed the benefit of having a professional project management, design, and development team on call.


Netalee Belmont commented: “I have been so impressed with Designpax. After we’d had a poor experience of web development companies, we were both relieved and excited when Designpax took over the websites.

“They’ve become our trusted partner and it’s great to have access to their expertise on a daily basis so we can feel secure in the knowledge that if anything happens to the sites we are in safe hands.”

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