How to Increase Traffic to your Blog

Many people and companies have experienced the great benefits of having a blog. It is a great tool for SEO, a fun way to connect with old and new customers/followers, and is a satisfying way to share information, ideas, and more in a public forum. However, for most bloggers, the fun begins to wear off just a little when traffic numbers become stagnant. Occasionally, it is necessary to give your blog a bit of a boost and implement some new strategies for bringing in new readers and livening up your blog.

Stay Current – Blogging about current events in your particular industry is a great way to bring in new readers because so many people use the web as a way to get the latest news. People are constantly searching about whatever is most current, and if you are able to blog about something happening (such as the Grammy’s, SXSW, or any other current event) and how it effects your company’s particular product or service then you are bound to bring in some new readers.

Visit other Blogs – Don’t just focus on your own blog, get out and visit other people’s blogs as well. Not only will you get new ideas for content, and discover blogging strategies which are working for other people, you will also be able to comment on blogs and leave a link to your own blog. This is a good way to build SEO and start conversations with people who are commenting on blogs similar to your own, maybe even attracting some new readers.

Focus your Topics – When you first start blogging, it is understandable that your topics and subjects might be all over the board for a few months while you start to pinpoint your own unique voice, what is being read, and what how you want to brand your company or yourself through your blog. However, after a while, it is important to focus your topics to one specific niche. While this might mean you lose some readers, the ones who were interested in an off-topic blog you posted at one point, in the end the readers that your keep and gain will be more committed to visiting your site and keeping up with what you write.

Consider the Calendar – A great way to ensure the writing muse visits you at blogging time is by creating your own editorial calendar. This can coincide with the seasons, by upcoming events you company is attending or putting on, and more. You can even post this calendar on your blog to give readers an idea of the great content they get to look forward to and it will also make it easier for anyone interested in guest-blogging for your site to get inspired on what to write.

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