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Offering a range of anti-aging, weight loss, hair loss, and pain management programs, Youthful MD specializes in providing a virtual medical service for patients to access from the comfort of their own homes. So, when Youthful MD decided to expand the company’s website functionality to include over-the-counter supplements, prescription drugs, and video consultations, he recognized that the project needed a digital agency that could build the best possible online experience. With Designpax’s expertise in producing visually engaging e-commerce solutions for small, medium, and large businesses across a range of industries, Youthful MD chose to enlist the agency’s help.

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Phase 1: Wireframes and prototyping

In addition to the physician to consumer relationship, Youthful MD had a strategy for also providing fellow physicians with an online service. Designpax quickly identified that two distinct flows were necessary for these different user types but there were sufficient synergies between the two user flows that meant a single website could efficiently incorporate both users. Once the consumer experience had been mapped out, this was then adapted to create different logic and functionality designed solely for physicians, all secured behind a gateway which could only be accessed using a private login.

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Phase 2: UI design

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Phase 3: Development

Using the WordPress platform allowed Designpax to include appropriate plugins that expanded the functionality of the site, such as enabling the management of prescriptions and supporting the workflow of subscriptions. The biggest challenge was the integration of existing third-party platforms so that market-leading functionality could be leveraged. A specialist electronic medical records (EMR) platform, DrChrono, was sourced to provide a patient portal and the safe management of private clinical information. Integrating an appropriate online payment processor was more difficult, however, due to the restrictions around the pharmaceutical industry. Few platforms could be used for transactions relating to prescription drugs but after much investigation and laborious administrational processes, PayPal’s subsidiary Braintree was used.

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Phase 4: Bringing it all together

A first iteration of the site and real-world user testing informed the strategy and a number of alterations to the logic, flow, and customer experience were made. SEO was an important consideration in the build. As well as participating in copywriting, Designpax harnessed their design experience, creating the brand logo, producing marketing collateral, and selecting appropriate imagery.   Results

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“The final site is way beyond our expectations. We had a limited budget to work with, but Designpax built something that exceeded our initial thoughts and delivered it in just under six months. “What’s more, they worked in partnership with us, becoming a trusted extension to our own business. They helped us with far more than simply deciding on the specification, they contributed to our entire business every step of the way, from creating a strategy to devising pricing models."
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