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Designpax helped Robin App LLC realize its vision and built an AI MVP site and application for job seekers in record time.


Robin was envisioned as a game-changer in the competitive job market. Aimed at helping job seekers streamline their search processes using AI technology, Robin sought to make job hunting more organized and effective, ultimately enhancing users' chances of landing their desired roles. The app's development, in partnership with DesignPax, was crucial for executing this vision and launching an impactful MVP.

Robin's Challenge

Job hunting can often be an overwhelming experience marked by disorganization and a lack of tools to track various applications. Recognizing this, Robin set out to create an AI-driven platform that could integrate with all job application platforms, streamline the job-seeking process, and help candidates leave a memorable impression on potential employers.


DesignPax addressed these challenges head-on by collaborating closely with Robin. They adopted a speed-to-market strategy that would quickly bring the product to users and establish a feedback loop to continuously refine the app based on real experiences.

Development Process

Phase 1

DesignPax, alongside Robin‘s co-founders, embarked on a series of discovery sessions that crafted a clear vision for the brand. This culminated in an intensive two-week branding exercise, creating a comprehensive brand strategy that encompassed positioning documents, logo design, style guidelines, and an overarching brand voice.

Phase 2

With the brand identity established, attention shifted to the user experience (UX). A Figma prototype emerged from rigorous UX wireframing and user testing, laying the foundation for the app's design. Subsequently, the design team produced compelling visual designs for both the marketing site and the app interface, followed by the creation of various marketing materials.

Concurrently, development efforts commenced, utilizing Webflow for the marketing site and Bubble.io for the application, both lauded for their user-friendly nature and efficiency. Integrations were a significant part of this phase with Robin‘s AI team bringing in vital components for resume processing, user profiling, and subscription management.

Results Achieved

Within an ambitiously short three-month period, DesignPax successfully launched the MVP for Robin. This swift production allowed for immediate user feedback, which was instrumental in iterating the product's features and enhancing the overall user experience.

Testimonials and Feedback

"DesignPax was instrumental in taking an idea to product so rapidly. Their expertise didn't just bring Robin to life, they co-developed and refined it to ensure excellence. Their contribution was pivotal in creating not just what I envisioned, but something far superior." - Co-Founder of Robin

Users echoed this sentiment, highlighting the seamless integration with job platforms and the noticeable efficiency in their job search.

Future Plans

Buoyed by the MVP's success, Robin plans to continue its collaboration with DesignPax. Future enhancements include expanded AI capabilities and new features that promise to further redefine the job-hunting experience.


DesignPax's partnership with Robin exceeded initial objectives and proved vital in actualizing a much-needed service for job seekers. Through ingenuity and a synergistic approach, Robin App is poised to become an indispensable tool in the pursuit of career aspirations. With a successful MVP launch behind them, Robin App's future looks incredibly promising, thanks to the solid foundation laid by DesignPax.

Feedback is the heartbeat of innovation, and for Robin, it pulsates with every satisfied job seeker.

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