Web Page Design – So Many Ideas!

August 08, 2012 1 min read

When it comes to web page design, the options are endless. Worse, there is a ton of conflicting information on the web about what makes a landing page successful. Should you entice with nothing more than a simple image? Should you use a video and music to get attention? Should you offer people a way to buy your product from page one? The options are endless which means the process can also be equally as frustrating and overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are professional designers who have the know-how to help you wade through the many options and find a web page design which will work best for you and your customers – because that is what it’s really all about. What works for a teenage demographic will be far different than what retirees are looking for in a web site. Here are some tips to narrow down the options and be on the road to a great website.

1)      Focus on Customers First – You will always value from starting web site design with market research into your main customers, what they want, and how it correlates with what you offer.

2)      Hire a Professional – A professional will get your website up and running, and in high quality, without you having to stress at all. Web design should not be left to amateurs – start right with a professional.

3)      Find What Speaks to You – Chances are, you as the business owner, know your customers very well. Therefore, you will be able to pick out similar website styles you like and build your web site around this inspiration.

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