10 Best Practices of Logo Design to Build Your Brand

Having the right corporate logo gives your business its identity and helps build your brand. According to an MIT Sloan study, effective logos can significantly impact a customer’s commitment to a brand and even company performance.

Basic Design Principles for Creating an Effective Logo

An effective logo must consist of good design and good execution. To create distinctive logos that deliver a clear message and attract customers, follow these basic design principles.

1. Keep It Simple

In custom logo design, simplicity is key for versatility. Shading or gradients where colors fade together can make a logo appear murky when used in various applications, causing your message to lose clarity.

2. Make It Scalable

Intricate designs can lose their meaning when text becomes difficult to read at assorted print sizes. Ask logo designers to create a vector file that can be sized and adapted for a range of uses without losing its quality.

3. Keep Application in Mind

Consider whether your design will show up against a dark or light background. Decide if it can be overlaid on graphics for marketing materials. Opt for different versions of your logo (one-color and full-color) for these different uses.

4. Design for Apparel

Company logos are often featured on corporate merchandise or uniforms. Determine whether your logo can be easily embroidered or printed onto a shirt or hat without losing the message of your brand.

5. Consider Layout

Your logo needs to convey its message through print and digital media. These avenues sometimes require horizontal over vertical layout, and your logo design should be effective in both.

6. Know More About Shape

The shape of a logo can influence people’s decisions about a company or product. Round shapes evoke feelings of gentleness and sensitivity while angular shapes suggest durability.

7. Understand the Importance of Color

Color not only increases brand recognition by 80% but also appeals to the consumers’ emotions and influences their purchases. 95% of the top brands use no more than two colors in their logos.

8. Choose Timeless Typefaces

Timeless fonts like Garamond and Helvetica have a uniform stroke weight, making them easy to read at a glance. Avoid trendy fonts associated with aspects of today’s pop culture such as Chalkboard and Impact.

9. Avoid Dated Images

If you plan to incorporate an icon or mascot into your logo design, determine whether that image is only based on the latest trends. If so, it could soon make your logo seem outdated.

10. Keep It Relatable

An effective logo withstands the test of time. It should be as relatable ten years from now as it is today. Longevity is paramount when your brand identity is on the line.

Want more tips?

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Consider Using a Logo Design Agency

When it comes to affordable custom logo design, DesignPax has over 10 years of experience creating custom logos that leave a lasting impression. We would love to learn about your company’s unique needs and help develop your brand identity.

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