How to Market Your Business Through Your Facebook Fan Page

January 20, 2011 2 min read

With close to 600 million people using Facebook and more joining everyday, it’s a ready made marketing tool that is FREE and easy for you to use to market your business. To make your business stand out on Facebook and make it a truly effective marketing tool for your company just setting up a run-of-the-mill Facebook fan page no longer suffices. Here are some tips to help you effectively market your business through Facebook.

Create an Effective Design

Anyone can create a Facebook fan page, but one that truly stands out is one that is designed to look professional and attract fans. By taking some time to design your Facebook for business fan page, you are showing fans and potential fans that you actually care to make your Facebook fan page a good user experience for them. You can also use your Facebook fan page design to further brand your company by creating it to use elements of your website, logo and more. As we’ve mentioned before, Facebook uses its own version of HTML called Static FBML. If you are familiar with HTML, take a stab at Static FBML. If not, enlisting the help of a design service is a fast and efficient way to design an effective Facebook fan page to use as a marketing tool.

Share Imperative Information

As you design your Facebook fan page, decide what information is the most important to get across to your fans. Here are some things to think about including on your Facebook fan page:

  • Your products and a Shop tab where fans can actually purchase your products.
  • Links to other places your company can be found online such as Twitter, YouTube, your company website, etc.
  • Your contact information including company hours and location.
  • A place for fans to sign up for your newsletter.
  • A testimonial page.

Track Progress

A big part of marketing is tracking its effectiveness and tweaking it to work better for your company. To figure out how well your Facebook marketing is working for you, you can track it in several ways. Facebook gives statistics daily on your Facebook fan page such as Number of Likes, Monthly Active Users, Daily New Likes, Daily Post Views, and Daily Post Feedback. It also emails the administrator of the page statistics monthly. Another way to track progress is to install what is called a Facebook Google Analytics Tracker (FBGAT) to your fan page. This will give you more in-depth information such as visitor statistics and traffic sources. To do this, check out this article on SocialMedia Examiner called How to Add Google Analytics to Your Facebook Fan Page (

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