5 Essentials of Modern Web Design

August 14, 2012 2 min read

Just like everything, web design is continually evolving. However, the fundamentals of web design will probably always remain constant. These fundamental dictate what makes web design work for users and businesses – helping an online enterprise achieve two different, yet compatible goals. Whether it’s selling and buying, assisting and requesting, or anything else, web designers should always refer to these 5 essentials of modern web design – that is, until things evolve to the point that something else becomes more important.

Users – Similar to a tree falling in the wood and not knowing if a sound is made if no one hears it, good website design can only be good if there are people online using it. Therefore, the first fundamental of website design is audience first, everything else second. Market research, focus groups, and interviews with people who understand the audience of certain industries should be the first step to designing a website.

Compatibility – Next, designers must make sure their high quality website designs are accessible to all users no matter what device they are using. From smartphones to internet televisions, people are using a wide range of devices to access the web these days. By investing in the testing and high level programming necessary to pull this off, businesses will ensure they don’t tick off any users unnecessarily.

Content – The phrase “content is king” is fortunately not being uttered in nearly as many web design meetings, but this doesn’t mean that content has taken a back seat. Web designers and businesses must make sure they produce content that relays a message tailored specifically to their customers while also seamlessly incorporating keywords to keep search engines happy.

Composition – Composition, layout, or whatever else you want to call it, is basically the overall look and feel of a website. Composition incorporates design principles like effective use of white space, color scheme, de-cluttering the online space, and much more. Web designers should always strive to produce well balanced web sites that are pieces of art work in and of themselves.

Visuals –Visuals covers everything from images to photography to custom designs and more. Visuals must be perfect before they are integrated into a website design. Today’s savvy online user knows the difference between hi and low-res photos, whether they know the vernacular or not. Provide your customers with high quality visuals and they will respond positively. 

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