In 2017, two young entrepreneurs launched a new business to commemorate people’s love off furry family members by producing the image of their beloved pet on a variety of apparel. And so Tail Threads was born.

The business was later sold and the proposition developed into the production of personalized pet related on accessories as well including towels, masks, scarfs and pillows. The range of apparel was expanded still further to include hats, socks, and baby clothes so the customer choice was improved and more customization options offered.

To accommodate this expansion and prepared the business for a new era,Tail Threads were seeking a trusted partner who was capable of developing the website as well as managing the printing of the customized items.

PHASE 1: Design & Development

Designpax’s expertise was sought to create a solid and robust website that reflected the TailThreads playful brand, logo and color pallet.

Building the website in Shopify, Designpax was able to take advantage of the platform’s fully customizable eCommerce functionality to develop a site that incorporated an online selling solution that was robust enough to support the customer journey.

Individual product pages were created to showcase the separate products to their best including a zoom feature to view the product detail, options to specify customization, and image upload functionality to enable personalization.

The addition of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter andInstagram sales channels were central to the design along with the inclusion of product ratings to support the company’s promotion strategy.

PHASE 2: Automated Operations 

The personalization of the product offering necessitated a considerable amount of automation in the site design and operations.

Designpax built an entire custom workflow outside the Shopify platform to manage the printing process of the personalized items. The automation required the creation of customPhotoshop scripts and other technology to facilitate the image manipulation necessary for the accurate and effective reproduction of the pet portrait on the item.

Looking at the day-to-day management of the site, Tail Threads took advantage of Designpax’s expertise in this area, engaging them to maximize the customer experience with the management of the inventory through the addition and deletion of products, and keeping the site maintained with the adjustment of information, product specifications, and shipping fees.


Designpax’s professionalism as a trusted partner freed Tail Threads to focus on its business operations rather than concerning itself with the daily management of the site. By integrating in the business, Designpax offered the ideal solution to help TailThreads grow a successful online presence.

Owner of TailThreads, Dawn, commented: “Designpax has helped us realize our vision of running a successful online retail business. We rely on them to manage the site and printing process are happy to do that – TailThreads is now a huge success and without them it just wouldn’t have been possible.”

Evan Geerlings



eCommerce • Logo Design • Shopify

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