Twitter Background Design Tips to Leverage Your Business

The main point of Twitter is to gain followers so they can learn about your company and listen to what you have to say through your tweets. So it makes sense that most people will decide whether or not to follow you based on your tweets. That said, your background on Twitter can help boost follows. The key to this is creating an interesting Twitter background design. Most tweeters think if you have an interesting background you probably have an interesting business or product that is worth learning about, or at the very least interesting things to tweet about. Here are some tips for leveraging business through your background on Twitter.

Make Good Use of Color

Color is a huge Twitter background design aspect. Since Twitter gives limited design space, the use of color can speak volumes about your business. Be sure to think through your color choices and how they relate to your company. Your best bet may be to select your company’s color or colors and use them in different ways. For example, try one solid but very bold color that contrasts with your graphics to draw attention to them, or try a fading color scheme with the darkest part being where you want viewers to focus, or finally, try a  muted color scheme with pops of color where you really want to focus viewers’ attention.


Share Information About Your Business

Although you can share information through your tweets, you can also share imperative information through your background on Twitter. For example, you could design a post-it note Twitter background design in which different post-it notes contain different pieces of company information that you want to share, or you could add a person, animal, or mascot into your design with a voice bubble sharing your important business information. Get creative and incorporate ways to share your information through your background on Twitter.


Follow your Branding Scheme

If you’re looking to solidify your brand incorporate your website design, your WordPress design, and your Facebook fan page design into your background on Twitter. That way they all match and as people begin to see  you online in various places, they will begin to recognize your brand. Keep in mind that they don’t all have to be identical – but having just one similar design element goes a long way in branding.

Use your Logo

Whatever your design, if you’re using Twitter for business purposes, you should make an effort to include your logo in your background on Twitter. Try giving it a twist like swirling the image or making the Twitter background design color dim and your logo colors bold, or draw attention to it by having the other images direct the eye to it like your mascot holding it in his hand.

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