WordPress Themes Explained

WordPress is an excellent tool that many small businesses and individuals are using to reach their target audiences. So, what exactly is WordPress and what can you do with it? WordPress is a blogging platform which allows users to either create their own WordPress theme or use one of the many free WordPress themes available.… Continue reading WordPress Themes Explained

Design Elements of a WordPress Theme

WordPress is a great tool to help companies reach a large targeted audience. It is completely customizable and can be designed to match your company’s exact look, feel and branding needs, and it all starts with the WordPress theme you use. Previously we talked about WordPress themes, so you should know that there are many… Continue reading Design Elements of a WordPress Theme

What you Should Know When Choosing a WordPress Theme

WordPress themes are offered in abundance for people looking to create a unique blog they can post news about their industry, business, or just their personal life. Themes are essentially just the look and navigation of the blog. A theme includes backgrounds, a comment system, and everything else a reader sees and uses when they visit… Continue reading What you Should Know When Choosing a WordPress Theme
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