Remedies for Those Landing Page Conversion Blues

Your landing page. It is key to conversion success. Your visitors not converting is the main cause of the conversion blues. Below we share some remedies you might consider implementing to rectify this ailment.

These are just a few tried and tested strategies you can implement in a short time that will cause your visitors to run towards your call to action instead of running from it. Without an effective landing page and elements on it that inspire your visitors to click, sign up, download, etc… your landing page is pretty much worthless. Regardless, of how much traffic you are driving to your site via SEO, SEM, backlinks, etc…

A Great Headline

Your visitors will not be continuing on the journey to conversion unless your headline pulls them in. Sure, it’s important to have a kick ass design, but a headline that is just blah is a prime reason your visitors won’t be continuing to your CTA. A frightening stat that will inspire you to get on this, is that about 80% of your visitors will bounce from your site if your headline doesn’t reach out and pull them in.

Come up with a headline that will stop them in their tracks. They should feel the power of what you are offering them. Below are a few headlines that have been tried and tested:

Write a few different versions of the headline, each that would appeal to a different segment of your target audience. Send them to friends and family. Get their opinion. Based on that, PUBLISH!

User Reviews

Motivate your users to interact with your site by posting their reviews about a product they’ve purchased. It not only brings visitors closer to your brand by having them engage with your site, it is a third-party validator that other potential customers will take notice of and increase their chance of converting.

Personalize your CTA

There’s a reason that on a page of over 2,000 words that the CTA “Start my Free Trial” beat out “Start your Free Trial” by over 90%! Avoid cold and generic CTA’s such as subscribe, submit, sign-up. These are known to convert poorly, so stay away from them. Your CTA should be all about your visitors, so make it personal.

Add Recognizable Symbols

If you have well-known clients, add their logos to your website. This legitimizes you instantly and makes the visitor think that your solution or product is something worth looking into.

Use Big, Colorful Images and Video

There is a reason why Pinterest has taken off in the world of Social Media. Like they say, a picture tells a thousand words. So, save yourself the time and trouble of writing those 1,000 words and put a picture that is simple and one that you feel will connect with your audience and push them along on their journey to conversion.

Do you have any of your own remedies for the conversion blues? Please feel free to share them and we might just include them in a future post. Stay tuned for our next post that will cover some more hot topics in the world of online advertising.

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