DesignPax enlists AdRoll and Retargeter for faster, cheaper design
DesignPax customers submit their order and any relevant media (such as the company logo) on the DesignPax site, receive their designs within 48 or 72 hours (depending on the product), then request revisions as necessary. There are different pricing packages, starting at $49 for a banner ad, and customers get up to three free revisions.
The New Face of Marketing: Using Facebook to Drive Engagement, Traffic & Revenue
It’s every marketer’s dream – a free service that allows companies to reach millions of current and potential clients with a few clicks of the mouse. With nearly 600 million people using the popular social media site and the average user connected to 80 pages, companies are looking to design and improve the overall brand experience.
Tips For Adding and Keeping Facebook Fans
DesignPax, a company that creates customized Facebook pages, says design is critical. “Users don’t get to a company’s Facebook page accidentally,” he tells Mediabistro. “They do so intentionally and they have certain expectations, therefore design is crucial whether it’s a major brand or a small business.”
How I Used PointBanner (By DesignPax) to Get Banner Ads, Fast and Cheap
If you are looking for banner ads for an online advertising campaign, PointBanner (By DesignPax) is an excellent design service. It is well within a small business budget. They promise — and deliver — fast turnaround time. I was pleased with the results — so pleased that I decided to write about the experience here, thinking you might benefit from my experience.
Custom banner ads in 48 hours for $49
As is true in so many business decisions, companies in need of banner ads typically face the choice between creating their own or hiring a professional to create it for them. Many do-it-yourself sites use templates, however—which can result in a cookie-cutter look—while using professionals can be expensive and time-consuming. Aiming to offer a third alternative, PointBanner (by DesignPax) promises custom-created banners in just 48 hours for USD 49.
DesignPax Awarded by Web Hosting Search
DesignPax has been awarded as best web design tool by Web Hosting Search.
DesignPax Review
I don’t usually profile website designers on this website because I firmly believe that business owners and aspiring website publishers can build and manage their own websites with website templates and WordPress themes. After all, that’s a big focus on this website. However, weekly I receive e-mails from readers who ask whether I can design and build their website. I’m flattered by the requests, but I’m not currently taking on new clients. Until recently, I didn’t have a place to refer readers to get customized help with their WordPress websites that won’t break the bank. I say until recently, because recently I discovered DesignPax.

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