New York City based allows online marketers to quickly order fully-customized banner ads, logos, landing pages and email campaigns, and receive professionally designed, campaign-ready graphics within 48 hours.

Formed to help marketing managers, small-business owners, affiliate marketers and eBay merchants slash the cost of production, improves campaign quality with eye-catching creatives that are uniquely designed for each client.

The DesignPax team specializes in web marketing design and has created hundreds of original campaigns for companies of every size. Clients enter all the necessary information in one simple form that only takes a few minutes. The finished creative is delivered within 48 hours and clients can make up to three revisions without any further charge.
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Lily Sherman
Creative Director

Lily began her formal studies in the field of fine arts, and only later on moved to graphic design and animation. In Lily's eyes, these fields are very similar as they all consist of starting with many pieces of a puzzle (and like any puzzle, you're always missing a couple of pieces). You keep connecting and disconnecting these pieces in different ways, until a new composition is created, one that you never pictured when you started. This is a magical moment. Apart from being a full time web designer at DesignPax, Lily animates short movies in 3D, and never leaves the house without a book.

Noa Inbar
Senior Designer

Noa comes with experience from the online marketing world. Her design specialties include direct to consumer advertising campaigns and high converting consumer products. Noa knows precisely where to place the various design components of a lead generation campaign in order to reach maximum conversions.

Management Team and Investors

James Green

During his 10-years at Spark Networks, James grew to be the largest faith-based community online and the third most recognizable brand in the online dating market. Since leaving Spark in 2014 he has been providing marketing and strategy consulting for a wide variety of B2B and B2C businesses. In addition, James is a mentor to many up-and-coming digital marketing leaders throughout the world.

In addition to receiving his BS in Business Management from BYU's Marriott School of Management, James also served on the Google Client Advisory Council for nearly 3 years beginning in 2012.

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