Landing Pages and the Benefits of A/B Testing

Landing pages are an important component of an internet marketing strategy. Businesses can use landing pages to capture leads and then convert leads into customers. A landing page is usually a single webpage with sales copy and a form. Landing pages can be linked to emails, SEM and social media to enhance integration between the various parts of the internet marketing campaign. The success of a landing page depends on the clickthrough rate and the conversion rate. If your landing page is not delivering the desired results, there are ways you can improve its performance.

One of the most effective ways to do so is by testing your landing pages. There are testing techniques that can be applied to determine whether or not your landing pages are designed well enough to convince people to buy your products. A/B split testing is a technique that you can use for this purpose. You can test all your optimization tools through A/B testing. This includes websites, emails and ads but it is most effective for landing pages.

How A/B Testing Works?

The A and B in the A/B testing refer to two versions of a landing page. Developers work on creating two versions of a landing page which are then tested. Marketers determine the group of people that will be involved in the testing phase. Their feedback is recorded and then you can reach a decision regarding which landing page is better. In other words, you can determine which landing page is more likely to have a higher conversion rate after it is launched. The testing can continue for some time. In fact, there are some testing tools that enable you to test the landing pages till one is at least 90% more successful.

Benefits of A/B Testing

The best thing about A/B testing is that it doesn’t take too long to show results. Both versions of the landing page are launched and they run parallel while they are being tested. Once the testing phase is complete, the page discovered to be the better one goes online. Besides this, there are a number of benefits of A/B testing.

Works with Low Conversions

You can use A/B testing even if the volume of data available is low. Some landing pages don’t attract heavy traffic from the outset in which case determining whether it is superior to another can be difficult. This is where A/B testing is the best option available. There is no other landing page testing technique that works effectively with low-data rate.

Easy to Implement

You simply have to download an online tool to start A/B testing. Some software for this purpose is available for free. You can also use web analytics tools to collect data and track the performance of each landing page. This will further help you make an informed decision between the two versions of the landing page you are testing. However, there is a slight issue here as most online tools only allow you to perform simple A/B tests.

No Need for Designing

You don’t have to design a split test. In fact, you can simply choose any number of versions you want of the landing page to be tested. The traffic to the landing pages will then be divided between the different versions and you will get an idea of which version delivers the better results. You don’t have to spend too much time or effort to get the testing phase off the ground.

Simple Analysis

The data you collect during the testing phase can be used to perform a simple analysis and decide which of the two versions of the landing page is better. The tools allow you to test the landing pages till one is better than the other up to a certain confidence level. In that case, you can rest assured that you have found the better of the two versions.

Flexibility to Choose Variables

You can choose and use any variables you want to determine the performance of a particular landing page. This is an option that you don’t get with other testing techniques. This is one great advantage A/B testing has over a multivariate test. You can have two entirely distinct versions of a landing page yet A/B testing will allow you to decide which of the two is better.

Discovering Areas for Improvement

There is nothing such as a ‘perfect landing page’. If you feel your landing page is as good as it can be and will deliver the results, there is the chance a minor issue may hamper its performance. This is where A/B testing can come in handy. When you test the landing page, not only do you discover how well-optimized it is for lead generation, you also find out any areas that require improvement. You get the chance to remove any kinks and make minor changes. When it comes to the conversion rate, even a minor variable can make a major difference. This is essential before your landing page goes live.

Get a Realistic Projection

There is no way you can say that your landing page will be or won’t be successful after you launch it. Sometimes, the performance of a landing page is contrary to expectations and it is next to impossible to put your finger on the main reason behind it. This is why making predictions or projecting the performance of a landing page isn’t a great idea. Yet, when you have tested the landing pages using the A/B technique, you can get a realistic projection of the performance you can expect from the landing page once it goes live. You can also decide whether you want to launch it or not.

Do You Need Any Changes?

Sometimes, entrepreneurs ask for their landing pages to be changed just because they believe that it will impact the conversion rate. In most instances, there isn’t the need for any change but you won’t realize this until your landing page is tested. During A/B testing, your existing landing page is tested against a different version of it. You may discover that the landing page you have now is working fine and needs no changes. It can save you from the effort you would put into making changes to your landing page.

Uncover New Ideas

There might be something that you had missed when designing the landing page. Not to worry as A/B testing gives you a chance to rectify the oversight. While your landing pages are being tested, you can brainstorm with your team about any ideas that may be implemented to the landing page to make it even better. You will have statistics showing you the performance of the landing pages. This way, you can brainstorm and create a pool of ideas that you can use in the future to improve your landing page. There are times when thinking out of the box is all you need.

Improve Your Bottom-Line

Perhaps the foremost benefit of A/B testing is that the best version of your landing page goes online. There is over 500% greater chance that the conversion rate of a landing page will be high if it has been tested before. This way, you can expect the conversion rate, lead generation and clickthrough rate, all will improve leading to an improvement in the bottom-line. When more visitors are being funneled into your sales channels, this is the least you can expect.

More Time to Make Landing Page Changes

Last, but not the least, you get more time to make changes to your current landing page. Since the landing page is already active, you have plenty of time to test different versions of it. You don’t have to be on a deadline to make changes to the landing page design or content. This way, you get the chance to test the entire landing page rather than specific components of it.

These are the many benefits of A/B testing your landing pages. You can discover which version of the landing page has the potential to deliver the results you are looking for. Moreover, you can pretty much guarantee that everything, from the design to the content to the forms, on your landing page is optimized to enhance lead generation and get more customers into your sales channels.

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