Improve Your Landing Page Today! Small Changes that can Make a Big Difference

By now you should have a clear understanding of the purpose of your landing page. This page needs to be simple and clean to really get you the conversion rates you need. Here are some changes you can make that will help make your landing page design even more successful than it already is and start getting you the results you need today.

Match Headings

Recognition is very important in your landing page. It should be very obvious to your readers that they are in the correct place. The easiest way to do this is to literally use the same heading for your landing page and your advertisement or email campaign. Put it in bold and put it at the very top of the landing page.

Eliminate Distractions

Look at your landing page. Are there graphics on the page that make the design look great, but do nothing to add to the meaning of the page? If so, get rid of them. Remember white space is okay – it helps your readers focus more. Same goes for links. Are there links on the landing page that don’t support your message? I know it’s tempting to pimp your other products and services while you have your readers’ attention, but this will only hurt you in the long run. Eliminate them from your landing page.

Strategically Place Conversion Opportunities

Conversion opportunities are basically your call to action or what you want your readers to do. You want to give them every opportunity to follow through on your call to action. That means placing the option above the fold (before they need to scroll down the page) and after. For example, if you are an insurance agency and you want your readers to “Get a Quote” then you want to put that option at the top of the landing page and again at the bottom of the page.

Direct the Eye

You have a lot of say in what your readers see and read on your landing page. Use this advantage and direct them to your conversion opportunity. You can do this with color, font and design elements that lead the eye where you want it to go.

Form the Form

Some landing pages will be a form. If this is the case with your landing page design make sure the form is simple. I know it is tempting to go overboard and ask for a bunch of information that you may or may not need, but your landing page is not the place. You want it brief and easy for your readers to fill out. For example, don’t ask for a maiden name if you don’t need it.

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