Immunize Your eCommerce Business Against Long-Term Effects of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on many eCommerce shops and small businesses. Things will get back to normal eventually, but for now, the dip in sales has many of us nervous. They say successful businesses are forged during difficult times like this. While it is understandable to be worried, now is the time to focus on building your business up so that once things do get back to normal your business is in position to flourish. What could you be doing right now with the extra time on your hands to prepare for those brighter days ahead? Here is a quick checklist of things you never had the time to do (until now).

1. Work on your SEO

Make sure you’ve got the basics covered when it comes to SEO. Make sure your web pages have well written and SEO optimized titles and descriptions. Make sure your images all have alt attributes and have descriptive file names. Make sure you are integrating keywords into your site copy. Work on backlinks. It’s not easy but worth the effort. Optimize your images for a faster site. Ensure you’re updating your blog and optimizing for SEO in your articles as well. Here is a great SEO resource from Bruce Clay to help you as well as free tools from Seobility and Neilpatel that we have been using.

2. Take or design better product shots

Review all the images of all the products on your website (prioritizing the important ones). Are the images high resolution, high quality, and compelling? If not, then take some time to either take better product shots or design great product graphics for your product pages. It’s also worth revisiting your blog to ensure that you are using images that help sell your products/services and that are going to make visitors want to engage with your business.

3. Do more social marketing while social distancing

Are you active on social media? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are effective ways to generate more leads, likes, and follows for your business. Just make sure to include great images in your posts. Have you tried Pinterest? Do you have a video channel on YouTube or Vimeo? Not sure what TikTok is? Now is a great time to learn how to use it personally and professionally. These efforts will pay off once people start buying again.

4. Review your site copy

Is your eCommerce website copy riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes? Could your product descriptions use an overhaul? Now is the time to grab a cup of coffee and rewrite them with your customer and SEO in mind. Have you reviewed your T&C’s, privacy, returns, and shipping policies recently? It’s worth going through it all to make sure their up to date.

5. Look at your competition

Use tools like SEMrush to check up on your competitors and see what they’re doing during this tough period. This is a good time to find some new ideas and steal some good ones from your competitors. Keyword and competitive research can be time-consuming and tedious. Maybe now is the time to hunker down and get it done.

6. Review subscriptions and services that aren’t providing value

It’s extremely common to forget about subscriptions for services that you once thought might be useful. If you haven’t seen any concrete ROI or other value from a platform or service, now is the time to evaluate it and potentially pause or cancel it. Reducing costs now can reduce your anxiety about our declining sales and put you in a better position when things ramp back up.

7. Create more content

As the saying goes, Content is king. Whether it’s a blog for your website or social media posts on Instagram and Facebook, content is the name of the game when it comes to standing out from the competition. Make sure you have an active content strategy. Update and revise your existing content strategy if you already have one. Write more! If you can’t write, take advantage of the deals being offered by content creators on the web. Express Writers is a great one. Finding it hard coming up with new content? Update old blogs to give them new life. Here is a great article on that topic. Alternatively, now is a great time to explore video content. This can be as simple as using your phone to explain a product or to provide insights into something you are uniquely qualified to talk about. It doesn’t have to be super polished, just authentic and informative.

8. Think about rebranding with a new logo

Some logos are worth retiring. Others can be overhauled or freshened up to put a new face on your brand. Now is the time to think about making changes. While you’re at it, maybe it’s a good time to look at your entire branding including your fonts, your color palette, and any tag line. A/B test the changes if possible and have fun experimenting. Great branding is not as expensive as you might think either.

9. Organize your inventory both physically and in your eCommerce platform

Is your inventory up to date? Is your warehouse or spare bedroom a mess?  Organize! Count stock and make sure the numbers jive in your store. Identify products that have not sold well and discount them. Not only will this help prepare you for the busier times ahead, but it will also feel good to get up and do some physical work and accomplish something.

10. Find more affordable and flexible design resources

Can’t afford that expensive freelancer or agency right now? Look to budget services for your marketing and design needs. Even if it’s just temporarily. This will allow you to stay active and top of mind with your customers and remain relevant while not breaking the bank. We created DesignPax for just this reason. We believe good design and marketing should be attainable for small businesses and eCommerce shops as much as it is for a Fortune 500 company.

We are all going through a lot both personally and professionally.

As a business owner, try to look at this time as an opportunity to step back and revaluate your business. Now is a great time to test new copy, new images, and new pricing. Any potential negative effects are greatly reduced due to the overall decrease in traffic and sales activity. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Again, you will be in a better position because of these efforts when your business gets back to normal. At we provide professional, affordable, custom eCommerce and marketing design and development services to help build your business, brand or product. Click here to learn more about what we do!
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