Facebook Cover – One Picture, Huge Influence

For many years, Facebook pages have been helping people promote their brand or company. However, with the introduction of the Facebook cover photo, businesses have more creative design freedom to really catch their fans’ attention with a stunning shot that gets people talking.

Here are tips for getting the most influence out of your Facebook cover design picture:

1)      Go Big or Go Home – The Facebook cover photo is about a third of the above the fold of your fan page – so go big or go home. A close up, landscape shot, or something equally as “in-your-face” will make the biggest impact on fans visiting your site.

2)      Customization – Hiring a designer to customize your cover photo will pay back in spades. This is prime real estate for your logo, tag line, and more, provided the image doesn’t become too clutter and everything is designed together seamlessly.

3)      Interact – Certain cover photos “interact” more with site visitors than others. For example, an image of a model staring directly at the camera will be more influential in some cases than a more passive shot. The key here is to consider the image and personality of your business and act accordingly. For example, a cosmetics company will probably want the dead on shot of a model, while an amphitheater might prefer a photo that captures the essence of an outdoor concert.

The Facebook fan page cover photo is a perfect opportunity to brand your business and start influencing your fans with who you are and what you are all about.

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