Email Campaign Content to Get Your Message Across

Email marketing campaigns are a cheap and quick way to get information to your targeted audience. Since nearly every person these days has at least one email address and often more, email marketing campaigns are fast replacing direct mail. That being said, the average person receives a lot of email each day. The problem then becomes in a sea of emails how do you get your email marketing campaign to stand out to your readers? The following are some tips to help you write the best email campaign content possible to get your email opened and read.

Write a short, to the point and informative subject line. This is the most important part of your email marketing campaign. It is what readers will see before they open your email and what you write here could determine if they even open your email at all. The subject line should be short and give your readers a reason to open your email campaign.

Consider using multiple emails. Certain items like email newsletters are already set up to be multiple emails – they’re an ongoing thing. However, if you are running a one time event or an annual event consider sending a mini series email campaign to get your best information across while not overwhelming your readers. If you offer up too much information in one email you will lose your readers’ interest. Try sending a weekly email until you have put all you information out there.

Use a distinct headline. Not only must your subject line be good, but your headline in the email campaign must grab readers’ attention too. Make sure your headline is short and simple, yet informative as to what the email is about – this should naturally go along with your subject line.

Write compelling content first. Unfortunately some readers don’t read to the end of an email marketing campaign. Make your initial sentences very informative and compelling. A well written beginning may result in readers reading further than they normally would and even if they don’t, with the right email campaign content up front they will still want to take your call to action.

Include a call to action. We’ve talked about this one before, but the bottom line is – why would you send an email marketing campaign without desiring that your readers take a specific action? Explain what it is up front and give them multiple opportunities to take that action.

Edit, edit, edit. Just as you would test your email campaign design, you should edit your content. Readers will not appreciate getting an email campaign from you with poor grammar and misspelled words. Edit two or three times if you have to, but make sure it’s perfect.

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