Do You Know All You Should About Social Media Marketing For Business?

The single most effective way to build brand recognition, forge relationships with leads, and earn quick sales is through social media, so it’s no wonder that millions of business owners are utilizing these platforms around the globe.

There is no question of whether or not you should be using social media to promote your business, only a question of how. While it might seem easy enough to earn “likes,” the true work comes in the form of turning those likes into quantifiable results.

Social Media Marketing Tools to Use in Your Campaign

Perhaps your business has a Facebook page where you post occasionally or a blog that you update once a month or so. While this might pass for a social media marketing campaign, it’s certainly not an effective one; the tools you should be utilizing include:

All of these tools come at a low cost to your business but can result in major benefits. With these tools at your disposal, campaigns are intended to function in a four-step process where leads view your campaign, like your page, connect with the offer, and share it with their networks.

Creating An Effective Campaign

While you may know which tools to use and how a campaign will ideally work, it’s possible that you simply aren’t sure how to develop a social media marketing campaign. Follow these simple steps and you will be well on your way:

Once completed, your campaign should be ready to launch.

Choosing The Right Social Media Sites to Market Your Business

There are four most commonly-used social media sites for businesses: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. These quick overviews may help guide you toward the right sites for your business’ social media marketing efforts.

The most popular social media site, Facebook gives businesses a great deal of freedom when designing their pages, and also allows quite a bit of customization and targeting with ads. Businesses are able to interact freely with customers on Facebook in a conversational manner.

Here are some examples of how top brands use Facebook.

A business’ Twitter profile will have far less information than its Facebook page, but Twitter presents an opportunity to flex brand personality. Additionally, many businesses utilize Twitter as a form of immediate customer support.

Here are some great examples of how top brands use Twitter.

An effective business YouTube channel requires consistent updating with quality, relevant content. You can choose to create how-to videos, more conversational content, or practically anything else, but it needs to be well produced.

 Check out these examples of how top brands use YouTube.

The most professional of these four major platforms, campaigns on LinkedIn must be targeted toward others in the business community. A strong business profile needs recommendations from other industry professionals and clients to appear credible.

 Take a look at these examples of how some small businesses use LinkedIn.

The second decade of the 21st century is upon us, and it’s clear that the Digital Age is here to stay. It’s time that your business leans into the incomparable power of social media to maximize your presence and your returns.

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