Why Website Templates Don’t Make the Best Web Designs

June 30, 2011 2 min read

Website templates are tempting, especially free ones. If you’re a small business with a limited budget and ever changing web design needs there’s no doubt you’ve contemplated the free template. After all what you really need is just a website design to display your information and showcase your products – so why not try a free template – right? Wrong. Simply put website templates just don’t make for the best web designs. Need some convincing – here are some reasons to ditch the template idea and go with a  web design firm.

No Customization

The most important thing to remember is that with a template your design won’t be unique to your company and products, and individuality is after all what makes the best web designs. Your design will look exactly like many of your competitors and it won’t even be close to the best web designs. Think about it – these templates are offered all over the Internet for free! Anyone can and will use them. Instead of a template, easily add your own personality and touch to create the best web designs by going with a web design firm.


No Support

It’s easy to assume that because it’s a template you won’t need customer service. Guess what? Chances are you eventually will and there will be no one to call. While at the beginning a template may work, your website design will grow and eventually you will be stumped. With a web design firm the support is there – always. With the correct support your website design will be able to grow with your company allowing you to always have some of the best web designs that are professional looking and meet your needs.

No Extras

Website templates are built to be a one-size-fits-all type of deal. The result being not only lacking in individuality, but also limited navigation, and if you’re looking to get any type of analytics on your site look elsewhere. Even adding something as easy as a form to a website template can turn into one big headache. Forget growing your site and adding more navigation and functionality. On the other hand with a web design firm, any extras, analytics and more that you want, you can get, to help you create the best web designs.

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