Why Every Artist Needs an Online Portfolio (and how to get one)

June 29, 2012 2 min read

Whether you are a graphic designer, illustrator, or any other type of artist, now is a good time to get online with a virtual portfolio. This online space is the ideal place to showcase your work, share your designs and productions with peers, potential clients, and friends and family. In most cases, keeping an online portfolio up to date is actually easier than a printed version because it simply requires uploading. With just a few clicks of your mouse, your portfolio will be recent and available for anyone who wants to see it. Even if your art is only a hobby, you will love having a place to showcase your work.

WordPress is a great platform for your online portfolio. The interface is easy to use, free (in its most basic form), and a piece of cake to get started on. Also, the online community of WordPress users and programmers is gigantic and growing more every day, so free support is almost always available. Here are some tips for starting up a WordPress online portfolio:

1)      Make an Account: A WordPress portfolio is technically a blog. It’s just designed to present your artwork in an aesthetic way. However, the first step will be choosing a domain and naming your blog. Most artists will be best off if they simply go with their name, unless they have a business which in that case the business name will be most appropriate.

2)      Upgrade: It’s in your best interest to pay a little extra to have someone other than WordPress host your website and purchase a unique domain that ends in .com, rather than .wordpress.com. If this is a bit out of your comfort zone technology-wise, have no fear, you can find a design firm which will take care of this for you.

3)      Custom Design: Upgrading brings us straight to our next point – custom WordPress design. By hiring a professional design firm to create a custom website for your work, you will invest a little upfront for great rewards every day you keep your website from then on. Custom design gives you the flexibility to showcase your work in a way that accentuates what you do. While slide galleries may be perfect for some, it isn’t for others. Hiring a design firm will allow you to choose how you want people to see your work.

4)      Experiment: Be sure to find a web design firm willing to help you upload your first batch of portfolio images, so you will have an operational website within just a few days. After the initial upload, continue honing your craft and updating your portfolio as time goes by. Be sure to add a “contact” and “about us” page so that if anyone finds your portfolio on their own they can learn a little about you.

Even if you don’t plan on making money through your art, having a place to showcase your work will help you feel more professional, share what your passion with others, and keep you motivated to always be creative and producing.

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