Where do you Learn to be a Web Designer?

October 01, 2012 2 min read

With the ever expanding prominence of online commerce, web designers are sure to be in demand for decades to come. Breaking into this field, and being educated and experienced enough to hit the ground running, is getting easier than ever. People who are interested in becoming a web designer most likely won’t have to look much further than their computer with an internet connection for basic education. Here are some options for learning web design skills.

Self-Teach: Books, websites, blogs, and more are packed with self-teachable lessons on how to design for the internet. If you are self-motivated and not looking to spend money, just time, on education, self-teaching is perfectly doable. You will simply need to set a schedule and keep interested in your projects. Some companies are even willing to hire someone based on their portfolio of work rather than a college degree of years of industry experience.

Traditional University: Many traditional universities offer web and graphic design degree programs. If you are a college student considering your career options, pop into your career service building at school and get information on what classes your university offers. Two and four year degrees are most common and will open doors to internships and later full time work.

Online Programs: A simple Bing or Google search will produce hundreds, if not thousands, of online program options for learning web design skills. However, if you want your certification from one of these institutes to be respected, be sure you search for the highest acclaimed programs. They are out there, but hard to find. Ask professionals in the industry what they recommend before signing up for an online program.

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