What Makes a Logo into a Powerful Tool?

July 29, 2012 1 min read

Logos these days are a dime a dozen. Everyone from corporate companies, to your local Laundromat, to your newspaper boy has a logo. So what really makes a logo powerful anymore? Is it worth the time and cost for good, professional design? What can you do to make your logo stand out from the rest, and be the powerful branding tool you need to imprint your business and mission in customers’ minds?

1)      Innovation – A powerful logo takes the ordinary and turns it on its head. These logos will make people think, not just be a simple stamp that people may or may not notice. Like a personalized license plate that makes you sit up and notice when you are waiting, a logo needs to be creative, snappy, and get people talking.

2)      Personality – Your logo must be consistent with your business image. A cute cartoon monkey is probably not appropriate for a criminal defense lawyer in the same way block initials wouldn’t make anyone excited about visiting a pet store. Solidify your business image and make a logo to match.

3)      Consistency – Last but not least, consistency has less to do with the design of your logo, and more about use. It is essential for logo and branding success that you use your logo consistently on all marketing material from your website to brochures, to your company sign, press releases, and beyond.

With a powerful logo, your business will be on track for long-term branding success.

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