What is a Landing Page and When Should it be Used?

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What is a Landing Page and When Should it be Used?

In short, a landing page is the page that your potential customers will land on when they click on your link or advertising banner. With a few exceptions, it shouldn’t be your website’s homepage – instead, it’s specifically the page that potential customers are looking for. While a homepage is a good tool to introduce people to your website, once there they must fend for themselves and search around to find what they are looking for, meaning that most of the time it doesn’t make a very good landing page. On the other hand, a landing page allows viewers to bypass your homepage and go directly to what they are looking for without having to search for it. When it’s well designed, it saves viewers time, prevents them from losing interest and giving up, and it translates to higher conversion rates for you.

A landing page should be used when you are putting a link in text such as within an email campaign or with Google AdWords. It can also be used with a banner advertisement or other graphics, and finally it can be used with a sidebar link on a website or blog. Essentially it should be used any time you are controlling where people are coming to your website from.

You aren’t limited to just one landing page either. You can have a different landing page for every advertisement or link that you use. No matter what page you do use with any given advertisement or link it better give your viewers what you promised.  If for example you list in the sidebar of a blog “Click here to sign up for the newsletter”, then the link should take viewers directly to the newsletter subscription page.

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