What a Magazine Theme can do for your Website

May 24, 2012 2 min read

Today, blogs are not just a place for a person or company to share their thoughts, ideas, and aspirations, but instead a blog can be a complete website. Designing a blog theme which can be used as both a blog and website is relatively common in the online world. Blogs as websites are typically very easy to update, maintain, and customize. Additionally, hosting isn’t too expensive making it an affordable option for even one-man businesses that are just getting started.

If you have ever browsed the web looking for an appropriate blog theme to use for your website, chances are you have come across themes that are referred to as “magazine” designs. A magazine theme bridges an online website and a print magazine. Some of the key features of such designs include:

  • Opportunities to post multiple articles and blogs with links and blurbs back to the homepage
  • Large spaces designed to specifically highlight titles
  • Attractive areas for advertising
  • Customizable posting options including sliders, photo galleries, and more
  • Multiple options for showcasing images

While it is possible to find a magazine WordPress theme for sale online, a good web design company would also be able to create a custom design just for your business. In today’s competitive world of online shopping, having a unique website which stands out from the rest can be invaluable. Plus, this kind of customization will allow for you to create a website which matches your company’s vision and online goals, rather than trying to fit your company’s information into a theme, which can be debilitating in the long run.

If your company is looking for a dynamic website which can easily present fresh news, articles, photo galleries, and more, then a magazine style theme is the way to go. Such as theme will maximize your profit potential while showcasing content that keeps readers and customers coming back for more. Here are some of the crucial elements of magazine theme design to get the most from a magazine theme website:

-          Advertising space: In most cases, a website which churns out new content every day, if not every hour, is making most of their money from advertising. Designing an eye-catching but not overwhelming space specifically for advertisements will boost profits without turning away readers. A well placed advertisement which promotes a product relevant to the copy it is near may be more effective than an ad which pops up and bothers readers.

-          Social media integration: Magazine themes do a great job of saving space for the company’s latest tweet or Facebook post. Social media is a great way to promote new articles, features, and photos, and therefore deserves its own area on the website so more people are always connecting with the site through social media.

-          Comment feature: Content driven sites must always be working to interact with their readers more. A lively comment section will keep readers interested and feed their desire to be a part of something that is a big deal, a normal human desire. Designing a comment section which is easy to use, but also easy to monitor, is a good idea for your magazine theme.

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