Website and Landing Page Design – What Level of Continuity is Necessary?

September 30, 2012 1 min read

The landing page of a website is the first place a customer or someone just browsing lands on while vesting a site. This page is meant to make quite a punch, suck people in, and let them know that it will be worth their time to take a moment to look around. Online users are wary of wasting their time on a website, despite how much time they spend online, and so the landing page must be tailored specifically to draw people in.

It can be easy for businesses to hire a professional to create a killer landing page, and then sort of just piece together the rest of the website. I mean – how fancy does a contact us and about us page need to be? Well, this easy-way-out isn’t usually the best option.

A certain level of continuity and standard should be maintained throughout an entire professional website. Websites with killer landing pages and subpar pages throughout the rest of the site will come across as cheap and possibly even untrustworthy.

Also, continuity will improve your branding efforts considerably. Branding means giving an image or style to every piece of marketing material the public sees so that people can get a “feel” for what your business is all about. Even the contact page should be infused with this information, so customers are constantly being reminded of your company’s brand and therefore your services and products as well.

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