Vintage Design on the Web

May 02, 2012 2 min read

You don’t have to look far to see that vintage and retro styles are back in fashion. From t-shirts to print advertisements and beyond, vintage design catches the eye and gives people a pang of nostalgia which just might convert them into customers. So how can you incorporate vintage design on your website? And better yet, should you?

Vintage elements in web design, and any other area of design, are not meant to be used for everything. For example, a car company releasing its brand new, never seen before green technology vehicle might send a confusing message if they use a vintage theme for advertisements. Alternatively, if the car is designed to look like a much loved muscle car of the 1960s, vintage ads could be the perfect route to take. Some of the best times to use vintage web design for online advertisements, product pages, social media site design, and more include:

-          When the product being featured is a throwback to another era

-          When the product or service being featured is portrayed as “classy” or “traditional”

-          When the designer is looking for a way to make a particular product stand out from other products which feature modern design

-          When the designer wants to put an ironic twist on something that is a very current fad or trend

One of the greatest advantages of vintage web design is that it crosses the boundary between advertising and promotion, and art. Vintage posters are displayed in homes not only by college students, but by adults as well. The unique colors, fonts, and scratchy appearing images are just the right amount of unusual without being over the top and unapproachable for customers.

If you have settled on a vintage theme for your next web design project, it will be important to look at many examples of successful vintage artwork before getting started. Some classic examples include Rosie the Riveter, classic Coca-Cola advertisements, and more. Here are some of the key elements of vintage web design:

-          Old fashioned illustrations, sometimes hand drawn

-          Old fashioned fonts such as Roman or Script styles

-          Simple color palettes featuring either black and white or a primary color

-          Images of old cars, products, and more

-          Pop-art style

For an old-twist on something new, consider adding vintage web design to you next product or service promotion campaign online.

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