Using Banners to Advertise on Facebook

October 05, 2011 2 min read

With over 500,000,000 active users, Facebook is a gold mine of advertising potential that should not be overlooked. So many people use the social network for pleasure and business, that small businesses can literally get their Facebook ads seen by thousands of potential customers in a specified niche.

Facebook Banner Design

All Facebook ads are typically designed the same way and consist of a title (25 characters or less), an image and text (135 characters or less). The image is where you can do the most design and size wise, it must be 110 pixels wide or less, 80 pixels tall or less, and be less than 5 megabytes. It cannot be a flash or animated image. As you can see, this gives you limited design opportunity. That said, it’s better to design and size your ad correctly – if not your image will be denied or Facebook will size it for you. As for the text of your ads on Facebook, Facebook provides a very informative Best Practices guide ( that includes tips like keep your ad copy simple and have a strong call to action.

Facebook Ads Targeting

Facebook advertising has many advanced targeting tools. In addition to the normal location, age, gender and occupation targeting, Facebook ads can also be targeted to people on their birthdays, with special likes and interests, and by current connections through the site or friends of current connections. All options are very useful tools that work to make Facebook advertising a very powerful campaign addition.

Facebook Advertising Costs

Facebook advertising has several budgeting options. First you can choose to pay by CPM or CPC. Then you are shown a suggested bid among ads similar to yours. This is the price of the Facebook ads that are currently winning so Facebook suggest that you make your bid higher. Facebook will then charge you the minimum amount to win the bid (it may not be your highest bid) and get the Facebook advertising spot. In addition to bidding for Facebook advertising spots, you can control how much you spend by setting a daily budget and a lifetime budget. A daily budget is just what it sounds like – once you’ve met the daily budget your ads will not be shown anymore until the next day. Your lifetime budget is how much you want to spend on the life of the advertising campaign. Working the same as the daily budget, it will automatically stop once you meet your lifetime budget.

Additional Information

Facebook advertising provides very extensive tutorials and help pages. Most of the information presented here comes from Facebook itself and you can find even more details in the Guide to Facebook Ads ( provided by Facebook.

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