Unforgettable Logos

September 28, 2012 1 min read

A successful logo is recognizable around the world, or at least everywhere your product or service is offered. A great logo is so widely accepted and popular people are willing, will even pay, to wear the logo on t-shirts and hats. An unforgettable logo makes the history books.

Or course logos with this kind of popularity are usually backed by an equally successful company. For example, it’s hard to imagine that the Coca-Cola logo would be worth so much if it wasn’t such a popular beverage. That being said, an unforgettable logo is something for every business owner to strive for. Here are a few examples of logos you, and the rest of the world, will never forget.


I heart New York is an amazing logo. Hardly a tourist passes through the city without flying off to their home destination with an iconic white t-shirt with this saying on it. Perfect example of how a logo can become so much more than just a little image.

The Playboy bunny is everything her should be – suave, fancy, black tie, and yet in a strange way cute. Girls and men alike own jewelry that features this hopping little guy, even if they don’t subscribe to the magazine.

The lore, the legend, and the complete simplicity of this logo make it a favorite among marketers and sports fans alike.

In a way, the Target logo is so obvious, that it could have easily been missed. However, Target really hit the bull’s eye with their logo that graces the front of their stores nationwide.

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