Twitter on the Rise: How to Break In

June 20, 2012 2 min read

Even though Twitter has been dwarfed by news of Facebook’s IPO and Pinterest’s explosion in popularity, there is new research which came out at the very end of May 2012 indicating that the number of regular Twitter users is on the rise. The numbers from the Pew Research Foundation show that 8% of adults use Twitter on a regular basis. Far from an earth shattering number, 8% and rising is still something that businesses interested in kicking off (or expanding) a social media appearance should take into consideration.

If you aren’t already on Twitter, it can be hard to break in now. Twitter is no longer a “new” thing. Experienced Tweeters have been at it for years, they can basically tweet something that gets commented and re-tweeted in their sleep. This can be intimidating for newbies. However, if you really want to try your hand at Twitter, it’s best to just push aside the insecurities and dive right in. Here are the steps to getting started on Twitter, even this late in the game.

Step #1: Create a Profile

While this may sound perfectly obvious, there is a bit more to creating your profile than simply choosing a username and password (although those are both quite important, be sure to keep the password secure). Creating a profile will include filling out all the necessary information including a profile picture, a bio, basic information, and designing a Twitter background. Custom Twitter backgrounds are a great way to showcase your personality and give new fans a sense that you are on Twitter for the long haul. The easiest way to a great background is to simply a web design firm to complete the work for you in a short amount of time. The cost will be low and the rewards will be high.

Step #2: Develop your Voice

Tweets are not just tiny advertisements you can send out whenever you want – everything you say should be valuable to your fans. This can include being funny, news-oriented, interesting, and much more. Develop your “helpful” voice from day one. The best way to do this is to use your own real-life voice. Twitter followers are looking to connect a personality to a business.

Step #3: Keep a Schedule

It sounds like a creativity killer, but a schedule is the best way to develop the tweeting habit. Set a time on your phone or computer and stick to it, no matter how bored and uninspired you feel. If you can stick to your schedule for three months, you will be much more likely to build a devoted group of fans and be more likely to keep up the tweeting.

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