Top 10 Free HTML Tutorials Online

January 03, 2012 3 min read

In today’s web-focused world, almost all professionals can benefit from understanding HTML. The learning curve for HTML may seem steep, but the process is well worth the effort. Even just a basic understanding of the computer language will give you a leg up when it comes to building and updating websites and other online activities. If you need to learn some HTML but don’t want to spend money on a community college course or other class, then check out these 10 free HTML tutorial online sources to get your started. – has a whole set of tutorials for HTML (and other computer languages). The tutorials are fast, easy and let you learn through hands-on trial and error with its “Try it Yourself” editor. You can choose to learn one skill, like how to make things bold, or take all the lessons and learn to build a whole website. – A favorite in the programming community, has free HTML tutorials, cheat sheets and more on a good looking website which appeals to every skill levels from beginner to advanced. – offers a handful of tutorials so you can learn “the basics” or “advanced skills” of HTML and CSS. The tutorials can be completed in a few days, but at the end of the course you will have a good grasp of HTML and what it can do for you. – has a complete 24 tutorial session which covers everything from colors to more advanced skills like tags and images. These tutorials are a bit more involved, great for someone who knows how to bold, italicize and hyperlink but wants to be able to do more. – If HTML tutorials have scared you off in the past and you are notorious for being hesitant around technology, then has the tutorial for you. Lessons are only 5-10 minutes and they are made for people who have never used HTML or any other computer language. – A great collection of tutorials from different people. If you are looking to learn something specific, such HTML and Joomla or HTML and WordPress rather than just learning the basics, then Markuptutorials will have a lesson for you to follow. – One of the main reasons a person needs to learn HTML is so they can turn their Photoshop Email newsletter into HTML. has a great tutorial on how to create HTML newsletters quickly, creatively and without stress, even for those who haven’t ventured into HTML before. The tutorial is blog style complete with pictures and a very encouraging tone. – The same idea as, has a tutorial to help you turn Photoshop creations into HTML emails. Easy to read, understand and adapt to your personal needs. – is a great resource for people who have some knowledge but want to learn HTML online either as a refresher or support as they complete a project. You can brush up on basics or get more advanced tutorials and learn how to create something more intricate such as an app and more. – A clean, welcoming and easy to read website offering HTML and CSS tutorials. You want get bombarded with advertisements and can quickly learn some HTML with a wide range of tutorials.

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