Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in 2013

August 07, 2013 3 min read

Globally, marketing professionals are responsible for setting the trends as well as following those of others. Nowhere is this more evident than in the dynamic world of Digital Marketing. Following are some prominent trends that have engulfed the work of digital marketing professionals in 2013.

You can’t have SEO without CRO

The field of Conversion Rate Optimization is growing in importance as companies seek to convert the teeming masses of visitors that are arriving at their sites via SEM (Search Engine Marketing), targeted traffic buying, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other traffic-driving strategies.

“Companies spend $92 on Driving Traffic Compared to $1 on Customer Experience.”

- Best-selling author and legendary online marketer, Bryan Eisenberg

This statement speaks more than a thousand words. While focus for companies over the past few years has been in driving traffic, it is landing page conversions that are most important to a company’s bottom line. Beyond some visibility you stand to gain in bringing throngs of traffic to your site, this traffic doesn’t impact the most important outcome, conversions. Remember, you have a short 7 seconds in letting your customers know how your offering will inject value into their lives. Does that Banner ad communicate that message? Does your CTA?

Optimizing your site through CRO to increase conversions is not an exact science. You need to design, redesign, conduct A/B testing and go back to the optimization board until you find the right customer formula. Colors, Copy, Display ads and strong concise Calls-to-Action are just some landing page elements to focus on to optimize conversions.

Mobile Saturation

In the U.S., the adoption of smartphones has reached a critical mass

Slightly over half of the US population has adopted the smartphone with nearly 140 million people owning one. eMarketing research powerhouse eMarketer reports that people are using their mobile devices at a rate of 14 times over their use of the desktop. Research also shows that mobile is increasingly growing as a channel for transactions of a commercial nature.

eCommerce sales transactions in the B2C sphere also accounted for over 15% of total eCommerce sales in retail. These findings translate to the imperative for digital marketers to hop on the mobile train ASAP.

With the shorter attention spans of the mobile consumer over those on the desktop, keeping messages brief with easy-to-convert calls to action is paramount.

Content Remains King

Content marketing continues to grow as brands seek fresh and innovative ways to connect with their audience(s). A survey conducted in 2012 by Outbrain and eConsultancy reported that slightly over 90% of digital marketers hold that content marketing will continue to grow in importance.

The top 3 types of content that are trending are:

  • Status Updates (83%)
  • Email Newsletters (78%)
  • Latest News or Feature Articles (67%)

Consumers tend to connect, engage and interact with content over advertising. This is important to brands as it serves as a barometer on ideas for brands and provides them with insight they can use in crafting their messages and ads.

Your turn. What combination of digital marketing strategies have worked for you? Where do you feel this space is headed? Do you have any marketing trends to share? Please feel to in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more insights in the digital marketing space coming soon.

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