The New Generation of Marketing: How to Market with a Facebook Page

March 02, 2011 2 min read

It’s any marketer’s dream – a FREE service that allows companies to reach millions of current and potential clients with a few clicks of the mouse. While Facebook started out as a fun social site for college students, it’s now a major player in many companies’ marketing schemes. Nearly 600 million people use the site and more are joining everyday. The result – marketing opportunities like never before. Now businesses can create a huge online presence and take their company to the next level with Facebook marketing. The key is knowing how to manage marketing on this every changing social network.

For starters, the design of your Facebook page means a lot and can directly impact the number of “likes” or fans of your page. Your design needs to make your business stick out as well as communicate your company’s unique brand. A well designed Facebook page says to your viewers that you put in some time and thought, and care to make a good impression. There are many design aspects of Facebook pages to consider, but the most important include your profile picture and what is referred to as your Facebook landing tab or welcome tab. These are the top two things new visitors will see upon landing on your page, so they better make a compelling impression to convince users to “like” your page.

When marketing your company through a Facebook page, always remember that Facebook is after all a social media site. The whole point is to interact, so you should make it a regular habit to interact with your fans. According to Tamar Weinberg at Techipedia ( the more you interact via wall posts and such, the more your company page will show up in your fans’ news feed and be more visible to your fans’ friends. It’s word-of-mouth marketing at its best!

Similar to other marketing techniques, your Facebook page is a wonderful place to run contests, giveaway prizes and offer exclusive deals. You can even create a special tab for these things, just be sure to include a “Share” button so your fans can spread the word about your fabulous deals to their friends. Offer the right deals or run a great contest and you’ll see more and more fans flocking to your page.

Finally, organize your information to get the most mileage out of your Facebook page. If you have a newsletter, encourage sign ups through an opt-in form on your page. Share your other online locations like YouTube and Twitter with icons that easily allow viewers to find you there. Give detailed information about your products or services, and include testimonials from your clients and other professionals.

The sky is the limit in Facebook marketing. Since marketing this way is relativity new, don’t be afraid to be creative and to try new marketing strategies. “Likes” and fans to your page will tell you how well your doing.

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