The Best WordPress Design Tips

July 14, 2011 2 min read

Setting up a company blog using WordPress design doesn’t have to be a complicated and daunting task, plus there are many perks to a company blog using WordPress design. WordPress is an extremely user-friendly platform with tons of extra help to be found all over the Internet. And if you really get stuck, plenty of design services can step in and help out with your WordPress design for a low cost. Regardless of how you get your WordPress design set up you must use the following tips to make the most out of it!


Design Your Header to Match Your Brand

Your company blog should match your company brand. Think about it, your blog is sort of like an extension to your website, therefore you should make your WordPress design recognizable as your product too. You can do this by using the same image, your logo or the same colors in your header as you do in your website.

Design a Sidebar that is Useful

The sidebar in WordPress design is meant to be used as a source of information for your viewers. There you can place things like your top posts, links to your company website, links to your social media outlets, testimonials, followers and more. Here is the key to the sidebar in WordPress design – keep it simple. You want to share imperative information, but not too much information. You don’t want your sidebar to distract from your posts, so think about what is the most important to share with readers and place it there.

Make WordPress Design Navigation Easy

As you work with WordPress design, it’s important to always be thinking about user navigation. You want moving from page to page on your blog to be as easy as possible so that people keep coming back and reading more. The most important part of user-friendly navigation is to make sure users can get to your homepage from anywhere in your WordPress design. Utilize your top navigation bar to make navigating your blog easy. Place the homepage button there first and foremost. Other good things to place there are your contact page button and your about page button.

Add Social Media Buttons

If people are reading your company blog, they like you and want to keep hearing what you have to say. Make it easy for them to find you and even share your blog with others by adding your social media buttons to your WordPress design. One good place for them is on your sidebar.

Test your WordPress Design

It’s perfectly okay to strive for perfection in your WordPress design. To do this test your WordPress design a lot and in a lot of different places. Test it on different platforms and on different browsers to ensure it works well and looks good.

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