Spice it Up: Making Your Facebook Fan Page Interactive

January 20, 2011 2 min read

The whole point of a Facebook fan page for your business is to be interactive with your audience on their level. To do this, just signing up for a Facebook fan page and leaving it at that just isn’t good enough. In fact, with a little interactive options on your Facebook for business fan page you can start connecting on a higher level than ever before with your target audience. The whole point is to keep them involved and coming back for more. Here are some ideas:

Specials, Offers and Discounts

One surefire way to keep people visiting you Facebook fan page is to offer specials and discounts to your Facebook fans. This can be done in a special tab designed solely for these offers or it can be done on your Welcome page. Whatever tab you decide you use to make these offers, it should be designed to be appealing to the eye and it should be fresh. Meaning that you should make new offers and discounts available often.

Encourage Fans to Share

One of the easiest ways to encourage sharing is by talking to your fans, asking questions and sharing insights that are valuable to them on your Facebook wall which will ultimately show up in your fans’ news feeds. You can also ask for stories, pictures and information from your fans. This highly interactive practice means you are not only gathering valuable information for your company, but you are creating a Facebook community. For example, say you are a company that focuses on a product for kids. Create a tab where fans of your Facebook page can actually upload pictures of their tykes using your product.


Who doesn’t like to win something? Running various contests on your Facebook fan page is an excellent way to get fans coming back for more. Create a Contest tab where you can run monthly contests for your fans. Give away something small to the winners and make the contests fun. Consider redesigning your Contest tab often to keep it fresh and to match each individual contest. This will make for a well rounded and fun user experience.

Be Creative

When it comes to Facebook, the sky is the limit, keep thinking of new ways to interact with your Facebook fans. Remember, big or small, any interaction on Facebook with your fans is a way to generate more business and interest for your company.

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