SEO for Facebook Fan Pages

February 26, 2012 2 min read

There’s plenty of information out there about SEO for Facebook pages but it can be tough to know which tips and techniques will actually work and which are just a bunch of hype. Of course, the world of search is constantly changing, so it’s truly impossible to keep up with it completely. However, there are a few simple and proven ways to update your Facebook fan page for the best search results within Facebook and on major engines such as Google, Bing and more. As social media and online search become more and more intertwined, you’ll want to take advantage of SEO for your page and social updates, discussions and photos every day.

Be Vain – This one time, it’s okay. Get yourself a vanity URL which will look something like’sname. This will make it easier for fans to find you. You can also create a vanity URL that has your company’s name as well as a generic keyword that corresponds to your line of work. However, it’s more important to link your company to your name than to a generic keyword, so keep this in can use the service to find out if your username is free in all leading social network. A nice tip is to try as much as possible to create all your accounts at the same name, and if possible as the same name as your company domain.

Choose your Title – Every fan page has a title, and this is a great place for you to use some SEO best practice. This is the title which will come up whenever you post to your wall or someone tags your company in a post on their wall, therefore the name should look neat, tidy and appealing. 70 characters are generally considered the maximum when it comes to SEO titles. In most cases, your title is already set, but you can change it if you have less than 100 followers or are starting a new fan page.

Take Advantage of About – Next, edit your “about” section which you access by clicking Edit Page and then Basic Information. This description allows 140 characters, but you want to get your SEO keywords and company name in the first 18 characters. It’s a tight squeeze but be creative and still grammatically accurate – remember fans read this and know when people are just abusing keywords.

Remember LIKES are less important these days, concentrate on “talking about this”. Your exposure is higher when this number is rising …

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