Restaurant Facebook Covers – The Essentials

October 20, 2012 1 min read

The cover photo of a Facebook profile page is a company’s big shot to get people interested in liking their page. The cover photo is the large photograph featured at the top of every Facebook profile page. This photo can be a real photograph or a designed image uploaded to the profile. Either way, cover photos are the perfect online branding tool – and since eating is such a visual experience, restaurants have a unique advantage when it comes to picking out their cover photo. Here are 4 tips to the perfect Restaurant Facebook cover photo:

1)      Hire a professional: A professional photographer, one with plenty of food photo experience, is the only person who really has the know-how to take great food photography. While Instagram has seemed to make food photographers of everyone, in truth, food is difficult to photograph and make look real and delicious. A professional will experience will know how to handle the camera.

2)      Personality driven: If your restaurant is romantic, make sure the photo has soft lighting and shows this. If your restaurant is kid-oriented, fill the shot with bright, vivid colors.

3)      Realistic: Of course patrons expect photographed food to look a little different than the real deal, but don’t disappoint new customers by using a cover shot that doesn’t accurately display what they will get when they order.

4)      Details: Include a logo, name, and other essential details if it seems appropriate. Of course, this information can also go on the Facebook page, but whatever you do, make it easy to find information like hours and directions.

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