Prep your Facebook Page for Promoted Posts

June 10, 2012 2 min read

Just recently, Facebook unveiled one more way for businesses with a Facebook presence to communicate more effectively with their fans – and a new way for Facebook to make a few extra dollars. The deal is: promoted posts.

When it comes to social media advertising online, Facebook pages are popular choice by businesses large and small. First of all, it is free to create a profile and connecting with customers on this popular social venue. Also, Facebook allows businesses to get creative with their profiles, have a stage to present their unique brand and personality, and more. Businesses can make regular posts on their Facebook wall, alerting fans about their latest deals, news, and even just some tidbits of information about the real people behind the company.

That being said, most businesses probably wonder just how many people see what they post. Even if a company has one thousand fans, when the business posts a message to their wall, chances are only 16% of their fans will even get a glimpse of the message. These are statistics straight from Facebook, the ultimate source on this information. This low percentage is due to the fact that not all messages show up on everyone’s wall, and most are positioned based on how much interaction they receive. Therefore, unless a business’s post garners significant activity in the forms of comments or likes, then few people will the note.

Facebook is now offering a way for businesses to combat this problem – but it comes at a price. For $5, $10, $15, or $20, a business or brand will be able to “promote” their post, ensuring it will get wall space on a larger portion of their community’s wall. Only fans will see the message, but more people will see it than if it weren’t promoted.

The process for promoting a post is relatively simple, and Facebook claims that the prices are so low that even small businesses and non-profits will be able to afford an elevated message. That being said, businesses who are ready to take the plunge into promoted ads need to be sure their Facebook page is cleaned up and really ready for more traffic.

One of the most effective ways to clean-up a Facebook page is with a profile makeover. This can include a custom cover photo, an improved profile photo, filling out the timeline with all the important dates in the history of the business or brand, and more. Businesses willing to pay to promote their Facebook status messages should also consider paying a professional design firm to revamp their profile. Also, the business’s marketing team should put considerable thought into writing a well-crafted, short, and memorable message to have promoted.

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