Male or Female Oriented Twitter Backgrounds – What is most Popular

September 01, 2012 1 min read

While Twitter hasn’t exactly taken over the universe, it is still an essential social media marketing tool for companies in-the-know. Twitter attracts a very specific type of person – someone who is looking for news, humor, and interesting facts, as well as updates on their favorite people and topics, all in one place.

As of 2011, 13% of adults who go online regularly had a Twitter account, and this number appears to be increasing rather than decreasing with time.

While that might not be a huge segment of the market, it does give companies a unique advantage to grow a customer base from the ground up, rather than getting in late in the game. If you are interested in starting a Twitter presence, the next decision you will be faced with is what kind of design you should use on your profile. This consideration should come second to your Twitter voice, but for the complete package, hire a professional designer to create a branded background for your profile.

An obvious question when it comes to Twitter background design is whether to go with a more female or male oriented background. While people like to believe stereotypes are dropping away, there is still a clear divide between male and female oriented design.

The gender is split is pretty even on Twitter, with men having a few more percentage points of people online. Most users are in college of graduated and ages 18 to 49 years. Because of these statistics, your best bet is to stick with a gender neutral Twitter background that appeals to an educated audience.

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