Landing Page Design Examples

March 27, 2012 2 min read

The best way to capture the attention of people visiting your website is with eye-catching landing page design. Great landing page design will incorporate your company’s brand, image, products or service offering, mission, and more, all with succinct web copy and strategic images. Here are some examples of landing page design for



Eye Popping Color

The strategic use of white and yellow lettering on the sky blue background really makes this landing page pop. This helps visitors to know exactly what the website is offering them – a solution to their problem. The very obvious call to action will entice them to keep browsing the website for more information.

Eye Popping Color Landing Page Design


While not everyone is comfortable enough with their web design skills, DesignPax’s experienced design team has no problem seamlessly incorporating video into a landing page so customers are only a click away from learning more about the mission of your company.

landing pages with Multimedia

Personality plus Information

Inundating viewers with too much information right off the bat can be a big turnoff. That’s why good landing page design balances branding with information. In this landing page, the dark and gripping back ground image sets the stage for the few crucial pieces of information about the services the company offers, as well as their success rate with previous customers.

landing pages

Keep the Excitement Up

There is nothing worse than boring landing page design. Images, word bubbles, bold fonts, and more must all blend together into one cohesive design that still catches the eye and gets customers excited about learning more. In this landing page from DesignPax, the women’s smile is the first thing a person will notice, but the yellow logo, “lifetime warranty” assurance, and call to action at the bottom of the page will be noticed right away as well.

Custom landing page designs

For great landing page design, trust the professionals at DesignPax to use their marketing savvy, web tactics, and design skills to blend together a beautiful front webpage that will grab your visitor’s attention every time.

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