Landing Page Design Analysis #3

June 27, 2011 2 min read

The purpose of the site is clearly communicated with these images. The product is emphasized by having the model next to it. The images are simple and direct; visitors know what the site and product is about just by looking at them. The lighting, background, and shading of these images further emphasizes each benefit the product has to offer the user. All of these elements work in synergy to create an inviting experience for the visitor.


The color scheme is simple and bold. There are only 3 dominant colors that complement each other nicely: red, dark gray, and white. They fit the tone set by the product: serious, no-BS fitness. Additional patterns such as the cement background and the industrial-looking grill on the top half of the page add more to the ruggedness of the product.


The page achieves excellence in the economy of words. The four bullet points successfully highlight product promises by using no more than six words. The small paragraphs are perfect as they won’t bore the reader and they still provide information that he is most likely seeking. The font and color of the text makes it easy to read. Headings are clearly labeled and stand out so there is no confusion as to what is being read, particularly “Body Slim And Tone,” which has a nice, glinting effect.

Call to Action

No guesswork here. The brightly colored form on the top-right portion of the page as well as the big orange submission button stating “Get Ripped Now!” immediately grabs reader attention.

All of these elements work together to create a clean, simple landing page that emphasizes the product, its benefits, and engages user interest.

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