Icons for Children – What Works?

October 10, 2012 1 min read

Icons are used on everything from product packaging to websites. They are small designed images which share directions and information. For example, the shopping cart image at the top right hand corner of most e-commerce sites is an excellent example of an icon that is practical, attractive, and simple.

Businesses often commission designers to produce custom icons that fit their brand and are designed specifically for their target customers. If your customer base includes children, it is important icons are designed specifically for them. Not only will this add to the overall child-oriented look and feel of your website, but it will also connect with children more directly, making them more devout fans. Here are some design elements that work when it comes to creating icons for kids.

#1. Primary Colors

Primary colors are bold, bright, and easy to notice. Children are naturally drawn to these colors and therefore icons in blue, red, and yellow will be well received.

#2. Cartoons

Cartoon-ifying an icon is a surefire way to grab a kiddo’s attention and make them feel excited about your website. Kids are familiar with cartoons and will instantly feel like they know your website if you use cartoon style icons.

#3. Keep it Happy

Kids aren’t looking for dark or subtle humor, they are just downright happy. Keep your icons cheery and bright and you’ll be far more likely to get kids interested in your website. Of course, as kids age this will change and their design tastes will change, but kids under 12 in general will prefer a good-mood icon.

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