How to Get Fans for Your Facebook Fan Page

January 19, 2011 2 min read

You’ve set up your Facebook fan page, now how do you get fans or people to “Like” your page? With the average Facebook user connecting with 80 community pages, groups and events you want to be sure your page is one of those. Here are some ways to not only get started getting fans for you page, but to increase your fans if you already have a good start.

Tell People

People won’t know about it unless you tell them. The easiest way to get fans to your Facebook fan page is to share that you have one. Tell people on your company website that you’re on Facebook. If your on Twitter, tell your followers to “Like” you on Facebook and offer up a link to your page. If you have a company blog advertise your Facebook fan page on your blog and even install a Facebook link. Other ways to spread the word is to ask your email subscribers to “Like” your fan page or consider putting a link to your Facebook fan page after your email signature, that way people you interact with and who already have a vested interest will easily be able to “Like” your page.

Utilize Word of Mouth

Facebook fan pages work best when attention is gained through word of mouth or in the case of Facebook, when someone “Likes” your Facebook fan page, everyone they’re friends with can see that they like your page. This encourages their friends to also “Like” your page. While this is a great concept and makes Facebook for business a very popular tool, you can take it one step further. Gently ask your current fans to share your fan page with their friends. You can do this by simply asking them in a wall post that they help you spread the word about your page.

Give Something Away

Consider giving new fans something for free. For example, if you are a diaper company, offer a FREE pack of diapers for everyone that “Likes” your fan page. Word of mouth will instantly kick in and parents will share your giveaway with other parents, and soon your Facebook fan page will be booming with new fans.

Create a Facebook Advertisement

For very little money, you can actually create and use a Facebook ad to generate new fans for your fan page. Better yet, you can target the people you are most wanting to recruit as fans and you can allow people to “Like” your fan page directly from your Facebook ad. Check out this Guide to Facebook Ads ( to help you create the perfect ad to advertise your Facebook fan page.

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