How to Create a Facebook Business Page

March 04, 2011 3 min read

In this simple tutorial, we’ll show you everything you need to know to get you creating a Facebook business page. Broken down in short, easy to follow steps, your business will enter the world of Facebook with a bang. Let’s get you started creating a Facebook business page.

Creating a Facebook Business Page – The Basics

1.       To begin, go to You can either sign up for a personal account and then choose Create a Page from there, or you can select Create a Page without creating a personal account. Note creating a page without a personal account will limit your ability to access other information on the site. No matter which you choose, you will then be prompted to select the type of page you wish to create and you will need to fill in the information requested.

2.       Once you have your Facebook business page created, the first thing to do is add a picture. Most businesses tend to use their logo. To do this, simply go to your page and select Edit Page in the top right corner. Select Profile Picture from the left side bar. From there add your picture.

3.       Next utilize the left side bar to fill in all the appropriate information on your Facebook business page. This includes arranging your settings, managing your permissions, setting up your basic information, naming admins and more.

At this point you have created a basic Facebook business page. Now comes the fun part. Apps. Apps are actually the tabs on your Facebook business page. They help users navigate your page. There are basic apps and then there are customized apps. This is where you can get a little creative.

Creating a Facebook Business Page – Customization

1.       To start select Apps from the left side bar. You will be presented with a list of apps already on your page. These were selected for your Facebook business page based on the type of business and category you selected when creating a Facebook business page. To remove any of these apps, choose Edit Settings and click Remove.

2.       Below your current apps, you will see Suggested Apps. You can choose to add these, or you can browse more options and select additional apps that you want.

3.       One app that you must get in order to customize you page is Static Facebook Markup Language (FBML). This is what will allow you to really add customization when creating a Facebook business page. The way it works is it adds a box to your page in which you can use HTML or FBML to add customized tabs to your Facebook business page.

4.       To get to this app once it’s on your Facebook business page, select Edit Page at the top of your page. Then select Apps from the side menu and choose Go To App under the FBML App.

5.       Once here you can begin creating your custom content. The Box Title will actually be the tab title seen by viewers. In the box place your HTML or FBML to design the tab the way you want it. You can include links, graphics and more.

6.       Once your custom tab is created, you can set it as the default tab for your page. This is what viewers who aren’t already fans will see when first landing on your Facebook business page. To set your custom tab as the default tab, go to Edit Page, select Manage Permissions, and select the tab title from the Default Landing Tab list.

Now that you have the hang of creating a Facebook business page, have fun with it. Start promoting it and get some fans, experiment with the tabs, and interact with your growing fan base.

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