Facebook Fan Gate Design Analysis

July 07, 2011 2 min read

In any form of communication, especially advertising, there are a few cardinal rules to follow. One of these rules is “Less Is More.” This rule cannot be stressed enough in the realm of Facebook, which has so much traffic that the average user only pays attention to a very exclusive set of items. Therefore, when business owners strive to create a strong community on Facebook, they must make sure that their pages are strong as well. This page did just that and here are the elements to keep in mind:


There are only 3 dominant colors used here: yellow, blue, and white. By keeping the amount of color small, distractions are minimized. The use of blue for the background is smart as blue is a warm and inviting color that attracts the user’s eyes to the page. White text makes it much easier especially with the blue background. And the use of yellow for the logo, arrows, and text box at the bottom is also quite smart as yellow is another color that warrants attention; in this case, it is directing users to different points of interest.


The amount of text is kept to a minimum, which makes the message crystal clear. The most prominent line is rightfully “We like you…go on, it’s only fair” which directs the user to the like button. The four items indicating what’s in the page are each described in six words or less. This ensures that the user is engaged as he or she can quickly glean the purpose and benefits of the page.


If there were too many elements, not only would the page look crowded but it could come across as spam. The scant use of images nullifies any ambiguity as to what the offering is: like the page and enter to win a camera. The prominent display of the camera on the entry screen below and the tiny screenshots of other prizes complement the text nicely.

Call to Action

Short, simple, and straight to the point. The wording is casual and inviting and the benefits are clearly communicated via images and an email opt-in form.

In summation, this welcome page and gating follows the less is more principle to the tee. By keeping the color scheme, text, and images minimal, it results in an overall strong and alluring fan page.

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