Explaining a Facebook Reveal Page

July 07, 2011 2 min read

Perhaps you’ve heard the term reveal page in conjunction with conversion rates and gaining likes for your fan pages for Facebook, but aren’t sure what it means. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In order to gain more fans to your fan pages for Facebook, you should have a solid understanding of what a reveal page is and how to use it.


What is a Reveal Page

Put simply a reveal page is a landing page design for Facebook. Other terms for it include a fan gate or a welcome tab. Since it is the first page that viewers see when they click on your fan pages for Facebook, obviously this page should make them want to like your page. Keep in mind as you make a Facebook page, once users like your page, they will no longer see the reveal page. This page is only available to non-fans to get them to like your fan pages for Facebook.

Gaining Likes With a Reveal Page

The reveal page is the page that entices viewers to like your fan pages for Facebook and become a fan. The keyword here is entice. The reveal page must entice users. So as you make a Facebook page take some extra time, be creative and up the anti to get more conversions/likes to your page. Not only should you ask viewers to like your page, but you should also give them a good reason to like it. A lot of companies do this by offering something such as 10 percent off for liking the page. This technique has proven time and time again to really work in converting viewers to fans. Additionally, a well designed reveal page for your fan pages for Facebook will work wonders for you Facebook advertising campaign. Instead of just attracting potential fans to your page, it will attract viewers and turn them into fans much more than fan pages for Facebook that don’t have a reveal page.


Creating a Reveal Page

There are many apps available to help you add a reveal page to your fan pages for Facebook one of which is called the iFrame app. Simply install the app of your choice onto your fan pages for Facebook and edit the welcome tab. Typically with apps such as the iFrame app, you will be given two boxes. Code placed in the first box will be for your pre-fans – or your reveal page, and code placed in the second box will be seen by fans only. Once you make a Facebook page and have the reveal page all set up don’t forget to give the page a unique name and make it your default page so it’s the first thing new viewers see.

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