Do You Think You Know All You Should About Social Media Marketing in Business?

July 16, 2013 7 min read

If there is a new way to promote your business and watch it gain its social presence in seconds then it’s through the social media. This is the tool that millions of businesses in the globe are using effectively to build good business relationships. For a fact, any potential business owner out there who has used the social media to promote his business will tell you that making online sales is much easier and faster that selling offline. You do not need to ponder what, which and when to use this strategy in your business; you only need to know how to use the social media sites with the help of the best internet marketers.

A good social marketer will tell you that social media requires a high level of commitment. The main objective for online marketing is to turn ‘likes’ to ‘results’ but achieving this might be a dream to some individuals, you have to be smart.  This is a digital world and so your business should be. The following are some of the major social media marketing tools you should use in your campaign:

  • Use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Orkut for commenting and sharing
  • Blogging in renowned sites
  • Media sharing
  • Social networking with the social media sites

These are the tools that apply to all ranges of business, small scale to large scale business. As a good business guru, you will consider low-cost tools like these but with guaranteed returns at the end of the business day. After all, all businesses apply the basic optimization rule; ‘maximize benefits with the least costs possible’. See a simple illustration below on how social media campaigns work.


This is how social media campaigning works. Always pay attention to how you create your landing pages on whichever social site you opt to use for your business. The Landing Pages tell it all to your customers.

This is never enough; you have to know how to create your social media campaign. The following easy-to-follow steps works always;

  1. Choose a good template for your social media campaign. There are several templates online you can pick from.
  2. Customize your Like and Reveal Pages. It takes a good editor to do this, look for one if you have to or do it yourself.
  3. Make a good schedule for your campaign. The schedule cuts across the time you need to publish, you can do it immediately or some time later.
  4. Use auto-responder emails to your subscribers. Make sure the invitations to the subscribers turn to fans.
  5. Make your campaign visible online by sharing to your social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube can be the best options at this level.
  6. Watch your progress by keeping a track for your fans, visit and the number of shares for your campaign.

Using Social Media Sites to Market your Business


Facebook is the commonly used tool in social media marketing. It is always a powerful tool and social media strategy for global and local businesses. You have a lot of freedom here; you can use Facebook ad designs or Facebook campaign optimization as a strategy for your marketing campaign. Keep in mind that this is a site for chatting with friends with a much relaxed mood so you ought to keep your tone really friendly and light.

A successful business will be defined by a good Facebook business page. Therefore, in creating your business page in Facebook you need to post the best out of your library. Remember the cost of keeping a customer is always cheaper than attracting a new customer; keep your fans entertained to your profile always by having great posts. Post good articles, images and videos for your business here.

Have a look at this business page for a Bicycle Company.

The business page is simple and friendly but accommodative for all its services, events, promos, photos and contact information. It is crystal clear that fans will be so much attracted to this business and will definitely reach out for the services.

However, consider these small campaign tools in your Facebook business profile.

Facebook ad designs

See the Facebook ads for the various companies at the right side of the Facebook page. Note how attractive they look to readers.


Facebook ad designs complement your campaign efforts. A good Facebook ad should direct the Facebook user to your business landing page in one click. This is a good way to bring your business close to the billions of Facebook users in the world. However, there are factors that you need to consider in order to make your ad visible and attract more clicks.  Any advertising expert will tell you that a good image will make or break your ad; it’s all that attracts the eye anyway.

Here are the 3 simple steps to make your ad attractive with good end results:

  • Have a good image for your ad. Image is everything when it comes to a Facebook ad. For instance, very attractive facebook ads are created by crowded. It gives a good color choice and design. You can opt to use the services for to make your ad.
  • Create a capturing ad title. It is obvious that a regular Facebook user is busy chatting with a friend, but what will you do to get his attention?
  • Create a good body text to your ad. The text will explain why the user has to click on your ad. A good body text will include your brand name, business location and actually who you are.

This is all! Watch the number of clicks afterwards.

Facebook Campaign Optimization

After all said in ads, you need to review and improve your performance in your Facebook campaign. It is very essential to optimize your campaign goals in order to be successful at the end. In Facebook, you have to use the social metrics to optimize your campaign. These include the clicks, click-through-rate, cost-per-click and social impressions.

A simple way to optimize your campaign is to spend more on what is working in your campaign and considerably spend less on what is not working. For instance, you can choose your metric to be cost-per-fan where you can target to spend as less as $1.5 per fan.

The overall optimization process should give you something like this at the end.


Twitter is the second of the commonly used social media to market businesses. It is estimated that over 30% of business use Twitter after Facebook as their social marketing tool. This is the site where a Twitter will be able ‘follow’ business. What counts is what you need to do in order to have many followers to your business.

Twitter, just like any other social site, requires a lot of planning and monitoring. You need to put a good chunk of resources for your Twitter profile to win a good number of followers. A good Twitter marketing campaign should consider the following steps:

  • Create a good Twitter user name. Having said that you have your Facebook business page, it is good to link it to your Twitter profile. Encourage your fans to follow your business in Twitter. For instance, you can add ‘follow my business in Twitter @BestPhonesCo’. An interested fan will definitely follow your business.
  • Make your Twitter business profile outstanding. A good profile is always a strong profile. Include your brand name, services and business location in your profile. Add a few of your best photos and videos for your products as well.
  • Follow other businesses as well. For other business to follow your business, you need to follow others’ too. It is a two way activity.  This way you will be able to hold conversations with other business via the messages tab.
  • Finally, examine your Twitter end results. You need to keep track of your performance for your campaign always. Identifying your failures is the best way to identify your improving edges.

Take a look at the Pepsi Co. Twitter business page.

The page is attractive and it’s what makes users follow the business. This can translate to your business as well.


YouTube is another leading tool in social media marketing. You can use YouTube for your business for video sharing. There is no short cut in YouTube marketing; you have to do it well.

In order to make your marketing campaign successful in YouTube, you need to follow the following easy-to-follow steps to keep you on track.

  • Upload your business videos for your products for promotion purposes. Your product will be known in seconds after launching.
  • Explain your brand to the YouTube Community. Make sure you add a good body text to any video you share; this will real promote your business and products.
  • Encourage your YouTube fans to share your videos to social sites like Facebook and Twitter to gain recognition.
  • Monitor performance by keeping an eye on the comments. It is always good to manage your feedback and results. The comments always come from YouTube users; take the comments as edges for improvement. That’s all for your campaign.

Note how businesses use YouTube to promote their campaigns.

Businesses using YouTube for Social Media Campaigning


When it comes to professionalism in social media marketing then LinkedIn takes the front. LinkedIn is a site where business professionals and sound businesses meet and share all they have.

Your campaign won’t be complete if you omit LinkedIn. As the rule of thumb, create a strong LinkedIn profile for your business. This will encourage the number of recommendation you will have from your clients.

As a point to note, the more the recommendations flow to your business profile, the more you build credibility and trust to your clients. This attracts new customers as well.

Have a look at a great LinkedIn profile for a popular company below.

In summary, let’s say it’s high time we say goodbye to offline promotions for our businesses. It’s time to shine in the Social Media World, gain social presence and increase returns. It is a great milestone to see a multitude agree to this!

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